Registration is now open for FinCyberSec 2018 – May 30, 2018 at Stevens in Hoboken!  Click here for details!


The Financial Cybersecurity Project – FinCyberSec – is a research initiative at Stevens Institute of Technology. The project examines critical topics concerning the safeguarding of financial systems and markets against emerging cyber threats to information, technologies and operations faced by financial institutions that continue to increase in complexity and sophistication. The need for strong collaboration between industry, government and academia has never been greater.

FinCyberSec technology lab initiatives reside in the Hanlon Financial Systems Center on the Stevens Hoboken Campus.  The Hanlon Center serves as a platform for financial systems research, and the development, testing and evaluation of software for financial networks and the investigation of cybersecurity challenges in the financial domain

Financial cybersecurity is a complex, systemic risk challenge that includes technological and operational elements. The interconnectedness of financial systems and markets creates dynamic, high-risk environments where organizational security is greatly impacted by the level of security effectiveness of partners, counterparties and other external organizations. The result is a high-risk environment with a growing need for cooperation between enterprises that are otherwise direct competitors. There is a new normal, one of continuous attack pressures that produce unprecedented enterprise threats that must be met with an array of countermeasures.

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